Better than the G spot and easier to find. — by Sexpert Debbie Tideman, "The Lady who put the X in Sex"

The X-Spot Orgasm
by Debbie Tideman

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Testimonials by Expert Critics

Read the rave reviews for Debbie's life-changing book:

"Women can experience intense sexual stimulation from the X-Spot. Debbie Tideman is the first to show women and their partners how to access the X-Spot reliably."

- Barbara Kessling, Ph. D., Author of
"How to Make Love All Night" and
"Super Sexual Orgasms"

“Debbie Tideman is the unequivocal queen of phenomenal, spiritual ecstasy when two spiritually compatible people become one in the art of love making. Her videos, seminars and books have forever deepened my relationship. Thanks Debbie!”

-- Philippe Matthews (Author: The SHOCKwealth System™ & Philippe Matthews’ SHOCKquotes™

"This new and exciting material should be required reading for newlyweds. I also recommend this book for couples who have been married a long time as a way to put the sizzle back into the marriage. "

- Reverend William Fontaine

Tideman approaches her subject candidly after years of research, inspired by many long talks with other married women."

- Allan C. Piening, Psy.D.

"Writer Debbie Tideman has hit the mark, so to speak, with The X-Tasy Spot. She has added a no-cal delectable dessert to the already luscious joy of sex."

- Jan Marshall, Founder International Humor Institute

A thorough and passionate treatment of the subject; this book is certain to excite and stimulate your sex life.

-Susan Page, Author of "How One Of You Can Bring the Two of You Together"

Debbie brings sex wisdom to new heights. She's got the expertise, that's for sure. She's helped thousands of women find the way to help their men please them.

-Jack Johnston, Jack Johnston Seminars on "The Male Multiple Orgasm"

Ms. Tideman's book is explicit without being offensive. It teaches about the sexuality of marriage in a frank and wholesome way that is sure to streangthen the marriage bond. With so many outside influences tearing down this bond, Ms. Tideman's book is a welcomed support. She reminds us of the God-given pleasures of marriage, so often forgotten or made frustrating by lack of knowledge. Her book fulfills that need for sex education within marriage and goes beyond that to cover new ideas and techniques. Kudos go to her for having the freedom and courage to share them.

-Jane Cairo, LCSW, ACSW Psychotherapist and Author



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